A ministry that brings together able young men and women
The ministry for the youth was given to Elijah Sebuchu by God during a session of prayer and fasting in the year 2001. Elijah and Ruth had $10 on their account and the Lord told them to withdraw this money and convene a convention of the youth and equip them with Biblical principles to rise them up as strong Christian leaders that would change Uganda and Africa at large. The first Youth Ablaze convention was convened at Kayunga International Christian Centre from 20th to 23rd of August 2001. With a total attendance of 65 youths, Elijah and Ruth led all the teaching sessions with Daniel 1:8 as the key scripture and theme of the convention. The rest is history.


A committee of responsible young men and women serves under Pr. Richard Kisakye to ensure that this ministry is vibrant and keeps on the vision.


Since 2001, Elijah and Ruth Sebuchu have hosted thousands and thousands of youths of different faiths, different countries and different continents of the world.
This Annual Inter- denominational gathering is filled with worship, the undeniable presence of God, workshops. The word of God is ministered by National and International speakers.

Participants always involve in community work, brotherly fellowships etc.
Through the Youth Ablaze Ministry ,we are committed to seeing the youths not just survive adolescence, but to thrive in it. Our goal is to develop youths into responsible world leaders to impact not only their generation but even those to follow! -We believe the outcome of Youth Ablaze Ministry will be stronger students, stronger youth ministries, stronger families, stronger communities and Empowered generations, for the Glory of God!

Many of these Youth who attend Youth Ablaze conventions are turning out to be successful Christian leaders in different communities of different countries. We have many who are now pastors, politicians, businessmen and women, civil servants in different government institutions. We have Doctors, Missionaries, Teachers, etc
We look forward to having thousands of youths participate in the Youth Ablaze Conventions every year. In the years to come, we welcome you to come and witness the Lord’s goodness in this ministry.


At KICC and GDM at large we make it a point that the children and the youth are well looked after. For they ensure continuity of every society. The one area that will yield a great return upon our spiritual investment is the area of youth ministry. The Power that the young people have and the impact they can make cannot be under estimated. It was a young Samuel who brought a word from God to the priest. It was a young David who slew the giant Philistine. It was a young Daniel who refused to compromise his faith. It was a young Esther who saved her people from genocide and young Mary who birthed Emmanuel. Young people are responsible for the greatest act of faith their generations had witnessed. Youths are a valuable resource 1 Kings 20:13-14. And the same can be true for the young people in our generation


This Annual International event takes place in the 3rd or 4th week of August of ever year.
Youth ablaze bring together able young men and women in the following categories.
2. Students
3.Adult singles
4.Newly marrieds usually up to 7 years in marriage
We try to invite youths between 15-35 years of age.
Through the years of Youth Ablaze, our vision for the youth is to be empowered, inspired, challenged, motivated and commissioned to go and Transform the world at large.
Given the fact that Uganda’s population is over 73% people under 30 years, this Youth Ablaze is very vital.
Youth ablaze gives us a golden opportunity to influence and guide the most energetic
block of our population.
Given the truth that our ministry is one of the fastest growing in East Africa, We have a very big need for servant Leaders who are energetic and vibrant. So in every Youth ablaze convention, we put mature leaders with a detailed eye who have always helped us to identify able leaders, Ministers and young people with a zeal to serve. Some of our most trusted ministers have been identified through these Youth ablaze annual conventions


1. Prepared and anointed Ministers
2. Powerful Praise and worship Leaders
3. Financial support.

We are prayerfully looking for
2.Business owners
9.Government organizations and Non-government organizations
To partner with us in these powerful Annual conferences.