Vision: To empower Girls & Women to transform the world.


Women Empowerment Ministry is the Women Ministry of Global Discipleship Ministries (GDM), led by Pastor Ruth Sebuchu. It’s a life transforming women ministry planned to empower the girls & women of Uganda and other nations who are the mothers of this world.
It started in 2006 after Pastor Ruth Sebuchu was being approached by many girls & women including those older than her. In deep prayers and fasting, God gave her a clear vision of her calling to minister to women.
The ministry started as a Girl Care Ministry giving counsel, prayer, and school fees to girls, panties, pads etc. in Buganda and Busoga regions. It’s based at Kampala International Christian Centre (KICC) and has been in place for the last seven (7) years.


Women Empowerment Ministry is headed by Pastor Ruth Sebuchu together with the Women Executive Committee that operates under the Pastoral Team of KICC and the general oversight of the Board of Directors of Global Discipleship Ministries (GDM)
Our Women Executive Committee works in conjunction with different women committees that operate from different regions in Uganda.


To empower and help Girls & Women discover the hidden potentials in them.
To help and motivate the girl child and women soar high in God, overcoming the ungodly traditions & culture that have been handed over them from generation to generation.
To teach women acquire knowledge of starting income generating activities/projects.
To minister encouragement & deliverance to the women many of whom have been wounded, suppressed & strangled with terrible diseases & addictions.
To encourage girls & women by providing them with basic women necessities

Annual Conferences

In 2008, God connected Pastor Ruth Sebuchu to Pastor Anna Latshaw and in 2009 Women Empowerment Conferences started.
Since 2010, we’ve organised Annual Women Conferences & the attendance has kept on increasing.
Our Annual Women Conferences are always a time of great fellowship, being in the presence of God for deeper praise &worship and a time of feeding on the word of God.
Through the daily workshops, truly our delegates are empowered because they are given an opportunity to open up and bring out issues to fellow women who themselves may be going through and how to overcome them.


Every year the Women Empowerment Committee works with Pr. Ruth Sebuchu to reach out to women in Uganda through workshops, Conferences, Seminars and One on One Counselling sessions.
We also have workshops and seminars to help and empower girls in different schools.
Workshops, Seminars and Conferences are funded by Kampala International Christian Centre (KICC).
Have workshops and seminars to help and empower the girls of Hands of Love


In Uganda, women were looked at as a curse and it was a taboo for parents to have a girl child. The girl child was denied education and always kept behind doors, forced into marriage at a tender age to older polygamous men. They were forced into slavery, raped and violence was and still rampant. The predominance of the system of patriarchy across Africa has meant that women are still perceived and treated as subordinates to men. Married women were supposed to depend on men and viewed as one of their possessions.
Economically, Uganda is poverty stricken and this has led to the violation of women. Violation against women is accepted as the cultural norm in many societies and is often condoned by community and sometimes state leaders. Men have dominated the judicial system and has not helped much.
Poverty has lowered girls into prostitution, early marriages, denied education and teen pregnancies.
According to UNESCO report, school dropout rates are as high as 70% throughout Sub- Saharan Africa, basically due to lack of scholastic materials, pads, panties, early marriages etc.
Women are denied justice in some courts due to stigmatisation. There are civil wars where women are targets for example Aboke girls in Northern Uganda and recent attacks on young girls in Nigeria etc.
Socially, women were not supposed to engage in any social gathering claiming they don’t have brains for doing greater things. In churches and political circles, women to this day are still looked at as incapable of leadership or ministry.
Unbecoming cultural beliefs for example Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) among the Sabiny, more than 125 million girls and women alive today are victims of Female Genital Mutilation in 29 countries of Africa.
It is against this background that Pastor Ruth founded this Women Ministry to take care of the girls and to empower women in Uganda.

People who come in Annual Women Empowerment Conferences

Women Empowerment Conferences target females from 15 to 70 years of age namely;
Teenage girls
Single Moms
Married Ladies
Women Leaders
These girls & women of God have a lot of interest in these Annual Women Conferences to an extent of many footing from as far as 285 miles, use boda-bodas (Motorbikes), buses, and others come on top of trucks to make it to KICC.


Attitudes & lives have been changed
The barren get children
Marriages have been restored
Husbands have received salvation
Jobs and businesses have started due to the teachings and workshops
Women rise to ministry
Uplifting of Self esteem