Genesis 2:18-24
Enjoying Redeemed Marriages & Stronger Families
Since 2008, we have organized and conducted annual marriage conferences at KICC.
OVER 6000 MARRIAGE COUPLES and 1000 pastor couples have been reached out and ministered to.
Most of the years, Ruth and I have hosted Prof. Barrie & Eileen Jones from the United Kingdom to speak in these conferences.
Other than the annual conferences at KICC, since 2008 we have organized and conducted mass marriage conferences I Kayunga, Mayuge, Iganga, Mubende, Buyende, Luuka  and Kampala district.


We have hosted hundreds of pastor couples in nice hotels for special marriage outings and retreats.
As a direct result of this ministry, we are witnessing
Transformational redeemed marriages
Forgiveness and reconciliation in families.
Breakdown of some horrible ungodly cultures and traditions.
Mass and individual Christian weddings.
We have been told that many children are born after reconciliation of formerly
separated couples.


Marriage teachers to speak, teach and preach in our next conferences.
Financial support to facilitate our next conferences.
We want to set up a marriage support store to enable economically struggling couples to have the suits, dresses, gowns, etc. readily available for them.
We need your prayers.